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Mediation, Arbitration and Expert Witness Services in Employment-Related Matters

Linda Hendrix McPharlin, one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most experienced employment law attorneys, is frequently called upon by other attorneys and their clients, as well as by the state, federal and appellate courts, to serve as a mediator, arbitrator, discovery master, or expert witness in employment-related matters, including:

  • Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
  • Wrongful termination
  • Employment, commission, bonus and severance contracts
  • Disability, pregnancy, and family leave
  • Migrating employees, customer lists and trade secrets
  • Wage and hour issues

In mediation, with her long-term, specialized experience, she can both facilitate negotiations between disputants and assist the parties in case evaluation and risk assessment. In arbitration settings, her extensive experience representing both employers and employees and her overriding sense of fairness, bode well for sound decisions. Some matters she has recently handled include…


  • Arbitration of a sexual harassment claim against a tech company CEO
  • Arbitration of trade secret action against former employee claimed to have started new business using former employer’s source code
  • Mediation and resolution of an employee’s disability discrimination claim; the employee’s work-related back injury caused her to leave her job and she claimed the company had failed to reasonably accommodate her disability
  • Mediation and resolution of a case on appeal: defendant law firm had lost a national origin discrimination case at trial and was appealing on the basis of improper jury instructions
  • Arbitration of the contract claim of a consulting firm partner, seeking profits owed her after the managing partner terminated her employment and her interest in the firm
  • Arbitration of sexual harassment claim of a sales clerk against a major department store
  • Arbitration of sales person’s race discrimination claim against cable service provider
  • Mediation and resolution of unpaid overtime claims of a class of restaurant employees

Expert Witness Services

  • Conducted an independent investigation of sexual harassment claims at a high tech company and testified at arbitration, giving an expert opinion of the reasonableness of the company’s actions
  • Engaged as an expert to testify regarding the kinds of severance packages normally given to departing executives at Silicon Valley companies (having handled more than 1000 such arrangements, representing both companies and executives)
  • Engaged as an expert to assess an employer’s employment policies, challenged in litigation

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