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Employment Law

Concerned about hidden employment law traps? You should be! What you don’t know can hurt you. We'll keep you out of the traps and keep your business on course.

McPharlin Sprinkles & Thomas LLP prides ourself on our ability to combine the big firm expertise and quality found in California’s major law firms (where our attorneys have all practiced) with small firm attention and affordability.

In a crisis or in a calm, we can help your business with:

  • Tactical employment law advice with your business objective in focus

  • Client-focused respect –
    We provide timely, concise answers to your questions so you can get back to work.

  • Forward-thinking counsel –
    Our experience enables us to foresee potential problems so we can guide you around breakdowns that could crush your company and derail your career.

  • Ready knowledge based on our deep experience with employment law –
    We get to the point quickly so you won’t have to pay for our learning curve.

 Employment Law Services

Counseling in Employer/Employee Relations

  • Advice regarding legal compliance and employee communications

  • Hiring, discipline and termination

  • Employee handbooks

  • Negotiation and drafting of employment contracts

  • Negotiation and drafting of employee severance and settlement agreements

  • Proprietary information protection

  • Customized HR training programs in the San Jose area (sexual harassment, hiring and firing, leaves of absence, etc.)

  • Wage and hour compliance

  • Discrimination and harassment prevention

  • Leaves of absence compliance

  • Layoffs and plant closings

  • Workplace violence control and protective orders

Litigation Defense

When litigation or arbitration is necessary, our trial lawyers provide vigorous, strategic representation in…

  • Discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation claims

  • Employee raiding, unfair competition, customer list and trade secret misappropriation

  • Wrongful discharge, public policy and whistle-blower claims

  • Commission, stock option and other contract claims

  • Privacy and defamation claims

  • Wage and hour claims, individual and class actions, including misclassification, overtime, meal and rest periods, Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA)

Note: We do not provide litigation services on a contingency fee basis.

Neutral Workplace Investigations

Anne Stromberg and Jeanine DeBacker are experienced, neutral workplace investigators. They have conducted investigations for both large and small employers covering a broad range of issues including discrimination on varied bases, sexual harassment, retaliation, and violation of employer policies. Their investigations are objective, efficient, and cost effective and conducted in a manner aimed at helping participants resolve workplace problems as early as possible.

Who We Serve

No matter what type of business you are in, in San Jose or anywhere in the Silicon Valley or

San Francisco Bay Area, if you have employees we can help with your employment law concerns.

Our clients are in a range of fields, including high technology, construction, private schooling, restaurant franchising, banking, automobile and other retail sales, and non-profit services.

With our experience in employment law, the attorneys here have the legal expertise you need to navigate the minefield of California employment laws.

Ready to engage on your employment law issues?

CUT YOUR RISK of unexpected claims and lawsuits from disgruntled employees with fast answers on demand. Pick up the phone and call now to discuss your employment needs. We are located in San Jose and serve businesses throughout the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area.

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