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Business and Real Estate Litigation

Winning in court can be exhilarating, but settling before trial may be better for your business. We can negotiate, or fight – whichever gets you the best result.

The attorneys at McPharlin Sprinkles & Thomas LLP in San Jose are experienced in handling and winning a wide variety of business and real estate litigation matters. Some examples of the litigation matters we have handled for clients include:

Real Estate Litigation

  • Litigation actions involving real estate purchase and sale contracts

  • Litigation actions involving development agreements

  • Disputes between property owners and real estate brokers

  • Commercial lease disputes, including unlawful detainers

  • Partition actions, quiet title and easement disputes

Business Litigation

  • Partnership disputes

  • Breach of contract actions in a variety of settings

  • Unfair competition

  • Misappropriation of trade secrets

  • Employee defalcation

  • Defamation

We Do Our Best Work Avoiding Trial

While our litigation attorneys excel in the courtroom, trial is expensive and the result is often arbitrary. We make every effort to end each dispute as soon as possible, either through settlement or by an early determination by the court. And our trial experience helps us more accurately assess risk, value cases, and negotiate favorable resolutions for our clients.

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